Webinar: How to use ISO 9001 to control operations during the pandemic

What will you learn?

What to consider when preparing an organization to resume operations during or after a lockdown situation
How ISO 9001 can help organizations with determining risks
How ISO 9001 can help train your people to address the pandemic
How ISO 9001 can help companies to select good partners during the pandemic
Implementation issues – some practical tips

Who is this webinar for?
This training is designed for professionals with an implemented Quality Management System, including:

Management representatives
Risk managers
Anyone interested in resuming operations during a pandemic event

Carlos Pereira da Cruz
Carlos Pereira da Cruz
ISO 9001 Expert
April 30, 2020
Grey line
11:00 AM Los Angeles time
2:00 PM New York time
7:00 PM London time
8:00 PM Brussels time
11:30 PM Mumbai time


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