Want To Step Up Your Organizational Resilience?

Organizational Resilience…… simply put, this is the ability of an organization to absorb and adapt in a changing environment.

We live in a fast changing world: from political instability to changing consumers preferences (and now COVID-19!).

Resilience is key to business sustainability and vital for any business wanting to thrive in an ever-changing world. This has now become a leading strategic imperative for all businesses in today’s dynamic and interconnected world.

ISO’s 22316:2017 standard on Organizational Resilience outlines principles and attributes that organizations can adopt in an attempt to future-proofing business operations.

Organizations should develop a coordinated approach that provides:

— a mandate to ensure its leaders and top management are committed to enhance organizational resilience;

— adequate resources needed to enhance the organization’s resilience;

— appropriate governance structures to achieve the effective coordination of organizational resilience activities;

— mechanisms to ensure investments in resilience activities are appropriate to the organization’s internal and external context;

— systems that support the effective implementation of organizational resilience activities;

— arrangements to evaluate and enhance resilience in support of organizational requirements;

— effective communications to improve understanding and decision making

ISO 22316:2017 Clause 4.2


In summary, businesses (regardless of size/nature) should consider:

  1. Being adaptive and responsive to change,
  2. Building appropriate governance systems to ensure accountability in line with corporate visions and values.
  3. Stress testing (as applicable) operational resilience plans and procedures.


We are all in this together, and we’d come out strong!

Yours sustainably,


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