Carbon Neutrality and Implications for the Supply Chain

In recent times, we have seen numerous announcements of corporate carbon neutrality targets. Organisations are now setting carbon-reduction goals and targets in line with their sustainability commitments to mitigating climate change.

As a core necessity, climate change strategy is critical to businesses, government and industry. In implementing effective climate change mitigation measures, the ability to differentiate between real and false claims of carbon neutrality is also very critical.

What I have seen is that stakeholders are beginning to express their cynicism and doubt, leading to increased pressure on organizations to maintain trust in their efforts to manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As there are various frameworks to support commitments towards corporate environmental performance, the quality and ambition of these targets vary greatly. Some organisations align with GRI, CDP, GHG protocol etc..

To highlight best practice approaches as well as benefits of committing to science-based targets, SPHERA is hosting a webinar to expantiate on what is needed for a serious and holistic carbon neutrality announcement. The webinar will address approaches for navigating the complexity of your entire value chain.

Date: March 4, 2020

Time: 4pm (CET), 3pm (GMT)

Duration: 60minutes


Dr. Linda Kannenberg, Supply Chain Account Manager, CDP Europe

Stefan Premer, Sustainability Consultant, Sphera

What you will learn:

  1. An overview of the challenges in the variations for understanding and defining carbon neutrality
  2. What it means to commit to a Science-Based Target for a serious carbon neutral announcement
  3. Value Chain considerations, from scope I to scope III, requiring a holistic supply chain assessment
  4. Challenges and approaches to gaining reliable, product and process-specific insights from suppliers.


Need any help, please contact:

Stefan Premer – Sustainability Consultant (Sphera)

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