International Opportunities at the Green Climate Fund

About GCF

Established in 2010, the Green Climate Fund invests in transformational climate projects with a focus on developing countries.

As a key enabler of the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change, the mission of the GCF is to:

1. Provide assistance and make ambitious contribution to global climate action by providing significant financial resources that aid low-emission and climate-resilient societies.

2. Support developing countries to identify their needs, in particular, those who are most vulnerable to climate change impacts.

Since its establishment, the GCF has approved 111 projects in 99 countries and has committed USD 5.0 billion in climate finance.

Green Climate Fund

With headquarters in South Korea, the GCF has a diverse workforce that advances this global mission. This is a call to join a unique workforce in making contributions to the Fund, enriching the institution through combined expertise as well as professional commitment.


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