6 Steps to Building a Successful Sustainable Culture in your Organization

In a bid to achieving long-term success, it is critical for organisations to build and embed sustainability into organizational culture. Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability have lately become enablers for optimum business risk prevention, cost reductions, new business products and services, quality and productivity increases, employee retention and customer and stakeholder delight.

In this PECB webinar series, the presentation will describe a successful approach to change a culture, focusing on leadership; aligning and integrating EHS and sustainability within the business, employee engagement and leading indicators, and talent development.

The webinar will cover:

• Building an EHS and sustainability culture by focusing on leadership, business processes, employee engagement and talent

• Long term strategic planning, aligned with business goals, future, risks and opportunities

• Implement through a roadmap, change model and leading indicators

• “Make it Clear, Easy and Desirable”


Renowed webinar presenter Cathy, for over 35 years, is a catalyst for change. Cathy has held several senior leadership positions in safety, health, environment (SHE), product stewardship, sustainability and manufacturing areas, at Allied Signal, BASF and American Standard, across 47 countries and 20 industry segments. She led culture change and management system strategies throughout hundreds of manufacturing and service operations globally, to create global safety cultures and risk prevention processes for hundreds of thousands of employees. Results included 90%+ reduction in incident rates, prevention of thousands of injuries and millions in cost avoidance, and documented business value in production, quality, products, services and employee morale.

Cathy holds twelve certifications in Safety, Six Sigma, Quality, Sustainability and ISO 45000. She was awarded “One of the Top 100 Women in Safety” from the American Society of Safety Professionals (formerly ASSE).


Date: Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM WAT


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