Next Step in Your Environmental Sustainability Career

Skills in sustainability, environmental management and environmental health are in demand like never before. Now is the ideal time to develop your skills and put yourself ahead of your peers.

The University of Derby is pleased to offer a series of environmental management courses that provide the skills needed to meet and understand organisational environmental responsibilities.

Accredited by IEMA and IES, the University of Derby Online learning (UDOL) flagship MSc Environmental Management Course is 100% online and designed for busy “working class” professionals.

The online courses provide the key accreditation and industry skills needed to get ahead in your career. You can also try out the free Environmental Management course taster online and have the experience.

Whether you are starting out, moving up or starting again, we are ready when you are.

Our programs cover core areas in environmental management that will enable you to learn new skills that can be applied directly in the workplace as you learn, with benefits including membership of IEMA to help you with your professional growth.

See our suite of highly-regarded environmental sustainability courses

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