My Environment: A Dynamic Entity Housing all Interactions

My environment is an entity of dynamism in both nature and perception. It ranges in size and envelopes everywhere I find myself at a particular time (from the little space I have in my office, the office itself, to the garage where my car is packed or even the home I’m headed after work).

The nature of the environment is described by interactions, the interactions between living things (man,animals and plants) and non-living things (use of space, i.e buildings in space) as existing therein.

The environment can be immediate (the closest things you interact with, that are around you, i.e your sitting room, bedroom or workplace) or extended (the farther things that may affect or influence you- an example is the mineral resources etc).

Various Perceptions of the Environment
The environment today is commonly perceived as the surrounding of our home, some dirts on a dunghill, the contents of a particular drainage system and so on…

What the eyes can see as the environment is a minute part of it.

The environment has various definitions and it’s perception varies in different fields of study. What an Environmental Manager like me will see the environment as will differ from what a Lawyer will see it as.

The environment is the sum of all factors affecting a body, it now depends on how you see those factors. For example, a particular law dictionary defined Environment as:

“the totality of physical, economic, cultural, aesthetic, and social circumstances and factors which surrounds and affects the desirability and value of property and quality of people’s life”.

This implies that a lawyer or an estate manager or property consultant will only see the environment as the totality of what can influence the “value of properties”, a demographer on the other hand wants to be concerned about the part of environment influencing human population,a botanist wants to know what’s affecting the population of plants, a social worker wants to address the issues of social justice and equity in the environment e.t.c.

However, it should be noted that the environment all in all comprises of land, air, water and all physical structures surrounding man including socio-cultural settings, as well as the individual and collective needs of man that he hopes to derive from the environment.

Inarguably, the environment is home to you and I, as it houses all possible interactions for mankind.

These varied interactions imply that we impact and/or preserve the environment based on our perception of its importance or value.
Final Words

In what way are you preserving the environment?

Are you aware of your impact on the environment?

Have you thought of how your actions/interactions with the environment are hindering others from having pertinent interactions?

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  1. Succinct!
    IMHO also, development and urbanization has the greatest effects on the environment….
    This _inter alia_ population growth, industrialization and neglecting of circular economies

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