#SustyJob: Sustainability Candidate for Execution of Clean Energy Plan

Bloomberg Associates seeks the services of a sustainability candidate to support on the execution of the #CleanEnergy Plan in the City of Atlanta, particularly those related to the city’s built #Environment comprising commercial and residential buildings.

Key Responsibilities:

The Sustainability fellow will support Bloomberg Associates and the City of Atlanta in the execution of 1-2 targeted #emissions reductions actions, including:

  • Conducting research on those efforts in other cities that Atlanta can build upon,
  • Executing data and policy analysis to help determine potential courses of action,
  • Developing summary documents that outline potential actions and can be shared with stakeholders and decision makers,
  • Engaging partners in support of Clean Energy Plan Actions,
  • Supporting stakeholder engagement activities in support of these actions.

The Fellow will be based in Atlanta, report directly to BA’s Sustainability Lead for Atlanta and have regular interactions with Atlanta’s sustainability team.


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