Energy 101: #TheBasics

Energy is simply the ability to do work. The world was void and formless but through Energy, it gained its shape. Energy comes in different forms and it is certainly one of the greatest mystery known to mankind.

Living organisms require energy to stay alive, such as the energy gotten from food. The processes that create different Climatic conditions are driven by Energy.   It is above the surface of the earth in the form of a Star called the sun, It is around us in a form called Wind, It is beneath us in a form called molten magma (i.e geothermal), and also Fossil Fuel. It is also within the ocean body in the form of Waves and Tides. One of the greatest mystery about Energy is the fact that it cannot be created.

Big Question:

How then does it exist if it cannot be created?

Well, the answer to the question: Energy in all its forms was already created by God before any human or animal ever existed.


Therefore, no man can create it again. Man also gained ability through inspiration, knowledge and several studies, we have found several ways to transform the created energy into different forms.

All forms of energy comes in two distinct forms;

  • Potential (Stored Energy) and
  • Kinetic energy (Energy in Motion)

Think of any form and you can easily match them to the aforementioned. These forms can only be beneficial if put them to good use.

For example, Energy stored in food, sun, Hydro, Wind (Potential Energy) cannot be useful in its stored form unless put to use by man, in plants or animals. Energy transformation takes place in the human body by breaking down that stored energy into nutrient to enable plants or animals perform optimally. As energy cannot be destroyed, the leftover after utilizing the nutrients are excreted out as waste. Energy in Wind (Kinetic Energy) that occurs naturally through the revolution of the earth is used to do work of creating electricity via the Wind Turbines.

It is worthy to note that all the forms of energy were created by God in their various forms  occur naturally. It is an inevitable fact that all of the transformation require “a process”.

We live in a world filled with Energy forms and our greatest challenge as humans is to systematically ensure we transform this forms in a clean and sustainable way that would ensure that we do not destroy the natural cycle of life and maintain an environment that is not only sustainable now but sustainable for future generations.

Let us work together to make the world a better place with Renewable Energy.

Phenergy Solutions (our Energy Management Partner)  would work with you to ensure you have an efficient transformation of Energy,  save you money on the long term, and provide clean energy to combat climate change.

Stay on with us as we share MORE on Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Sustainable development Goals and Solutions that can be easily implemented towards a future we want.


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8 thoughts on “Energy 101: #TheBasics”

    1. Thanks for the feedback Temioluwa.

      Yes yes, RE is the future and is the mother of all Energy (cos its always been there)…

      Sustainable exploitation and transformation is our message…


  1. Nice piece. The major problem with Sustainable (clean Energy) in Nigeria is that most people look at the short term cost not realizing how much will be saved in the long term. We unfortunately have a short term mind frame. Sustainability is always the way forward…we will be expecting your cost effective sustainable innovations..

    1. Thank You for this awesome feedback.

      Short-termism is the bane of sustainability.

      Our next article would focus on Solar as an innovative solution to energy issues in Africa.

      Thanks again

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