#SustyFridays: Sustainability on Fridays

#SustyFridays is an initiative which is intended at raising awareness on Sustainability. #SustyFridays is a brainchild of the Global ongoing discourse on the hottest and top trending topic: SUSTAINABILITY.

#SustyFridays is a way of sharing our little small voice in creating awareness on sustainability. The Awareness would be in two forms:

  1. #SustyFridays Newsletters

You shall be receiving  Ideas, Stories, Case Studies, Global Trends on Sustainability & the Sustainable Development Goals on Fridays via Newsletters delivered via email every Friday.

2.    #SustyFridays Tweetchat

Sustainability chats on Twitter from 7-8pm (GMT+1) on Fridays where we would gist and learn on Sustainability.


Kindly follow US on Twitter @SustyNG and Subscribe for the Newsletter by sending us your email address.
We shall Kick-off Officially on the 7th of July, 2017

If there’s something you would like to see or learn in our weekly newsletters, please let us know. We believe in continual Improvement & your feedback is welcome.


Thank You & Have a great Weekend…..



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